2020: kick-start a decade of change

Cliff Mitchell - 01/01/2020

2020 Decade of Change

2020: starting a decade of change to protect the climate and nature

Greenpeace have launched a campaign to drive real change in the next 10 years, our last chance to prevent the most catastrophic effects of climate change. Please watch the short video (below) produced in support of their campaign. We need to act NOW!

In their own words...

Quote markIn the last 12 months, climate change and the destruction of nature have become impossible to ignore. Millions of people took to the streets as wildfires raged and heatwaves threatened lives - hitting many of the communities least responsible hardest. 2020 will kick-start a decade of change so forests, oceans and the climate can be restored and renewed.

We know we have 10 years to put the brakes on the climate crisis and stand a chance of avoiding global temperatures rising above 1.5ºC. That’s not long, just the length of a single childhood. Time is also running out to reverse the devastation of nature, protecting forests and oceans to prevent the extinction of countless species.

This coming year will be the start of a decade of change. The 20s will be the decade when the mantra of ‘business as usual’ will be over. When the companies and governments that have been pursuing profit over the interests of people and the planet are forced to radically change how they operate. The millions taking to the streets as part of the school strikes and Extinction Rebellion events are just the beginning.

At Greenpeace, we’re ready to leap into 2020 and secure some major progress on protecting the climate and the natural world. This year, there are at least three moments of reckoning for the governments and corporations who have been blocking progress so far.  We’ll be doing everything we can to turn these events into major milestones on the road to building a green and peaceful future.

Please support Greenpeace in their fight against climate change.

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Jamie Woolley, Greenpeace, https://www.greenpeace.org.uk/
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